Transform your Water with the Analemma Magic Water Wand

By: New Earth Technologies
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Transform your Water with the Analemma Magic Water Wand

By: New Earth Technologies


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$180 Value
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Transform your Water with the Analemma Magic Water Wand


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We are looking for Medical Professionals and Creators in the Health & Wellness niche to enjoy and promote this product. You will receive one Analemma - Magic Water Wand that will revitalize all aspects of health, mind, and spirit connection.


Analemma Water - Extraordinary rejuvenation of body and mind. Analemma is a revolutionary new device that transforms the state of drinking water. It rearranges H2O molecules in water into a liquid crystalline structure. That structure has an amazing influence on all living things. For our latest study we chose GlycanAge- the most accurate independent health and wellness test available. GlycanAge test accurately determines the biological age of any person. It tells you how old you actually are, how well you’ve aged through the years you lived.
The results of the study were extraordinary, almost every single person in the study experienced an incredible rejuvenation, a 1 to 12 years of biological age revitalization within only three months of drinking the water.

This water is a blessing.
It revives, realigns, and regenerates on the level of body, mind, and spirit.

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Professional, authentic videos, either in-feed or IGTV. Ideally, the background of the video should be somehow health-related. Please include a story with a swipe up using your unique discount code for 10% off at


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Be creative, professional, and genuine! An example is "This water is a blessing. It profoundly influences our long term health and wellness. If you are alive you should be drinking this water, it's as simple as that."
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