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Passport NFT

Built exclusively for social media creators.

Which creator are you?



$495 USD

$396 USD (20% off)

5,000 available

  • 1 in 500 chance of winning monthly prize draw
  • Creator Passport Merch discount
  • Access to all resources, perks, & utility described below



$995 USD

$796 USD (20% off)

4,000 available

  • 1 in 400 chance of winning monthly prize draw
  • Access to all resources, perks, & utility described below plus Micro-influencer perks
  • Merch giveaways and prizes
  • Special artist airdrops
  • Exclusive meet-ups and events
  • Special NFT background

Going to be Famous


$1995 USD

$1596 USD (20% off)

1,000 available

  • 1 in 100 chance of winning monthly prize draw
  • Access to all resources, perks, & utility described below plus Trailblazer perks
  • VIP guest at our Las Vegas kickoff (accommodations covered plus access to VIP Creator Lounge)
  • Special NFT background & matching merch

Real utility for authentic influencers looking to grow, monetize, and make the world a better place.

  • Earn up to 50% more on brand collabs
  • Each NFT sold plants 100 trees, that's 1 million trees upon sell out!
  • Exclusive access to industry experts and speakers
  • Creator-focused prizes, merch, and more
  • Access to the Creator Festival, our inaugural event to be hosted in Las Vegas, 2023
  • $Influence tokens, so your vote matters

Exclusive creator events

Inaugural event in Las Vegas, 2023

All Creator Passport holders are invited to exclusive community meetups and events hosted around the world. No Fyre, promise!

VIPs (Going to be Famous Passport holders) receive free accommodations in Vegas plus access to the VIP Creator lounge.

Location: Top Secret

Revealed to holders only!

Earn more money

NFT holders receive preferred collaboration opportunities and earn up to 50% more commission.

Your Creator NFT Passport is validation that you're worth more than the average influencer.

Access webinars on how to maximize your social media and monetize your content.


Earned $1k USD from Mobile Pixels

Mission for 1 million trees

1 NFT holder plants 100 trees

We've partnered with sister company of sustainable fashion brand Ten Tree to ensure that our collection is not only carbon neutral, but carbon negative.

Upon sell out, our first community forest will be removing 24,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year!


Participate in awesome monthly prize draws and giveaways, featuring Creator Passport Merch and our partners.

Micro-influencer Passport holders: 1 in 500 chance of winning each month.

Trailblazer Passport holders: 1 in 400 chance of winning each month.

Going to be Famous Passport holders: 1 in 100 chance of winning each month.


We're here to elevate the passion, drive, and skills that make you YOU.

Creator Resource Hub: Free access and discounts to a host of creative partner platforms, including Hootsuite, VistaCreate, Creator Circuit, and StreamYard.

Game-changing Webinars: Learn from the industry experts, verified creators, and growth hackers on how to grow your fanbase, monetize, and perfect your craft.

NFT Onboarding and Learning Resources: To help you get familiar with the space and stay in the loop. This is your perfect "first NFT".

Plus your official Creator Profile, built to showcase everything YOU.

  • The ultimate link in bio and automated media kit, at yourhandle.creator.co
  • Showcase your best performing social media accounts and rates
  • Earn commission by highlighting your favourite brands and products
  • Show off your NFT collection and previous collaborations
  • Customized based on your values and automatically updated. Goodbye media kit maintenance!

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Meet the artists

Passion, dedication, and confidence is to be expected when working with this Montreal based multidisciplinary artist.

Inspired by the world and media around her, and shaped by the 15 years of art education and experience, her art is the colorful welding of both.

The result is visually striking imagery, bold colors, stimulated by her time in Paris and Berlin, interspersed with modern day pop culture and an often cheeky comedic edge, influenced by her stand-up comedy experience.

Having spent the past three years working as an artist in fashion, quite different from her initial oil paint experience, she has since come a long way; successfully navigating towards murals, logo design, album art, sewing, and digital art. Art is always growing and expanding and so is she.

A Georgian artist from Tbilisi, Musya has been creating wall paintings since 2007. Her art critically explores the surrounding world, while the artist herself is in constant search for better style, better expressions, and eternal progress.

Musya is creating a mural of the 100 most influential people - owned by our Creators.

The first piece of 10 for The 100 Most Influential People in The World Mural

Our NFT Roadmap

Q1 2022

  • Discord community opens
  • Initial partnerships established
  • Artists locked in

Q2 2022

  • Presale applications open
  • More partnerships developed

Q3 2022

  • Sale of Gen 1 Passport NFTs
  • Web3 features & functionality launch
  • Reforestation efforts begin
  • Exclusive events, prizes, and rewards begin

Q4 2022

  • Passport NFT holders can vote on new features
  • Date revealed for inaugural Creator Festival in Las Vegas

Distribution of proceeds


Brand Partnerships

Sony, Nikon, Canon, and more


Creator Events

Inaugural Creator Festival and more


Artist Rapport

Mural, One-of-a-kind NFT Art, 3D Art Renderings



Community Projects and Future Drops


Guest Speakers

Creator Webinars

Meet the team

Vinod Varma

Founder and CEO of Creator.co. Vinod is here to rock your world (or should we say, Metaverse)! With over 10 years of experience in e-commerce, marketing strategies, and innovative tech, Vinod has used his expertise to build a top 5 global influencer marketing platform (that's us)! Fun fact about Vinod: He's a great plant Dad. Ask him about his watering schedules and LED lights: Green thumbs, unite!

Nicholas Ponari

Developer and product manager. Nicholas brings over a decade of expert experience in product design and user experience, and over five years in fintech and blockchain techologies. Fun fact about Nicholas: He's a full time Dad to a 2 year-old and is passionate about street photography- catch him on Discord and compare notes.

Fern Share

Digital Marketing Manager. Fern brings years of industry experience in digital advertising, social media management and content creation. With a passion towards “outside-the-box” digital strategies, Fern focuses on new and innovative ways to grow the Creator community. Fun fact about Fern: She’s on a mission to see as much of the world as possible! Backpacking over 25 countries, living the life of a digital nomad capturing her adventures as a freelance photographer.

Alexis Northman

Web 3.0 Consultant and Developer. Leveraging over 6 years of interdisciplinarity experience in Marketing, Community, and Design, Alexis brings a unique insight to Web 3.0 integration, fundamentally changing how Web 2.0 companies operate and deliver value to customers. Fun fact about Alexis: He is a fan of ring calisthenics, a branch of gymnastics, and a longboarding enthusiast. You can spot him cruising the streets of Montreal on his Boosted Board.

Trisha Cacchione

Trisha is excited to bring over four years of experience as a marketing and community developer into the Metaverse. Trisha looks forward to providing assistance to creators through her top-tier communication skills and knowledge of the NFT space. Fun fact about Trisha: she absolutely loves to surf, especially in the cold waters of Tofino, BC!

WhatsApp with Trisha
WhatsApp with Trisha


What the f*** is an NFT?

Still have no idea what the f*** an NFT is? That's okay. A year ago, neither did we.

A non-fungible token is a digital certificate of authenticity, which functions like a property deed or receipt—it proves that ownership of a certain digital item is unique to one buyer. The NFT can represent anything: photography, animation, music, literature, and so on. The NFT’s proof of ownership can’t be altered or duplicated, but it can be traded or resold by its owner.

Psst - We're putting together a set of resources and programming so that our Creator Passport community never feels left behind (that's the whole idea, remember?). We're here to guide you through the process of entering the space, buy and selling, and even minting your own NFT's. This community isn't going anywhere.

How do I buy an NFT on RareCircles?

To purchase an NFT, simply select the product you are interested in buying. Depending on the currency being used, you will be prompted to pay for the NFT either via credit card or via your crypto wallet. For more details, view the Buying Guide.

What is a wallet and how do I get one?

Crypto wallets are where you store the cryptocurrencies and NFTs you own. You will need one to complete a purchase on RareCircles. For more info, check out this primer on Wallets.

How do I connect my wallet to RareCircles?

If you haven't already connected your wallet to your RareCircles account, you'll be prompted to do so once you select a product you are interested in. Follow the instructions provided to connect.

Please note that the wallet extension must be enabled on the browser you are using to shop to connect your wallet. For example, you will be able to connect your wallet if you are shopping on Chrome on your desktop and the MetaMask extension is installed on Chrome on your desktop.

What happens after I buy an NFT? / Where can I see my NFTs?

After you purchase an NFT, RareCircles will deliver it to your connected wallet within 7 days. You can view the NFTs you’ve purchased directly in your wallet or on a third party marketplace. To learn more, read this guide on viewing your NFTs.

What is Creator.co?

We're a top 5 influencer marketing platform with over 150,000 registered content creators active on our site. At Creator.co, our job is to connect creators with brands for social media campaigns. In other words, we make you (the content creator) money!

Our team's expert experience in the Social Media world, combined with Creator's deep dive into Web3.0, NFT's, and the Metaverse has provided us with a unique position to help our community of Creators: Enter Creator Passport NFT.

Why should content creators care about NFTs?

The world of NFT’s is rapidly scaling in nearly every corner of the digital world. In the past year, we've seen major influencers, artists, marketers, and social media platforms all gearing up to make big moves.

Twitter profile pictures can now be changed to showcase your NFT. Instagram is set to follow suit. Last month, Meta announced that they are working on a functionality that will allow users to not only display their NFT's but mint their own content as NFT's directly in app, and big brands like Playboy, Adidas, McDonald's, Nike, Lamborghini, Samsung, and more have all hopped on the NFT bandwagon. In other words, NFT's are rapidly becoming part of the world's mainstream digital ecosystems, and content creators need to keep up.

The other big benefit for creators and artists? You own the rights to your NFT's, and you and you alone can profit and sell them. NFT's are putting power and money back in artist's hands, and we're HERE for it. And we want those hands to be yours!

And we see you too, Social Media Managers! Get aware and stay aware of how big platforms are currently evolving to incorporate NFT’s and Web3.0. You'll need to use that knowledge to scale your client's online success - and the best way to learn is to do.