When communicating revisions you’d want to have made to a piece of content, it’s important to follow the following best practices:

Important note: do NOT exceed 2 rounds of revisions without offering additional payment

  • Set clear expectations: Clearly communicate the number of revisions that are allowed in the initial agreement with the influencer (typically 2 at most).
  • Be specific: When requesting revisions, be specific about what changes you would like to see, and provide clear and concise instructions.
  • Be respectful: Be respectful of the influencer’s time and expertise, and avoid making unreasonable or excessive revision requests.
  • Provide feedback: Provide constructive feedback to help the influencer understand why the revisions are necessary, and how they can improve the post.
  • Be open to discussion: Be open to discussion and be willing to listen to the influencer’s perspective. They may have creative ideas that can improve the post and benefit the campaign.
  • Prioritize changes: Prioritize the changes you would like to see, rather than focusing on non-essential changes.
  • Set a deadline: Set a deadline for the revisions to be made, and ensure that the influencer is aware of the timeline.
  • Provide resources: Provide any resources that the influencer may need to make the revisions, such as new images, product information, or guidelines.

By following these best practices, you can communicate revisions effectively, and work with the influencer to create a high-quality, successful campaign post.