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Gifted & paid campaigns


Experience new products in return for your creative talents.


Support a brand while rewarding your fans at the same time.

Affiliate Programs

Get paid for doing what you do best as an influencer.

Bespoke Campaigns

Extraordinary opportunities for the best creators in the space.

Earn more as a creator

Referral revenue

Get paid in real time when your invitees begin collaborating and earning commissions through affiliate programs.

Team selling

Team up with your fellow creators to support a brand, and we'll automatically split the commission for you.

Become a storefront

Monetize your channels by curating amazing products to promote - they're shipped directly to your fans from the brand.

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“The platform is very well-designed, you’ll know where exactly you need to click to get things done. The campaigns description is very clear and transparent, too, they even provide examples! Big shout-out to the team for their hard work in connecting influencers and brands with such a fun and meaningful way.”