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Kansas – Ready to Vote? 🗳

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The brand is looking for support from the partner influencer to teach Kansans how to vote by mail in the 2022 General Election (or to register to vote if they are not yet registered.) Creative, authentic, funny, personal, or motivating content is welcome and encouraged. Content should run between September 15th and October 15th.

To do this activity there will be payment involved for posting and supporting the program which can be negotiated in consideration of engagement and followership to the account.

Call to Action Link: https://www.ksvotes.org/ref?ref=bluestem-o

Deliverable = 1 Reel + Stories (2-3 frames)


Democratic Governor Kelly is up for election this fall, and the race is extremely close - one of the most watched governor's races in the country. There's never been a more important time for young people to demand commonsense solutions for the future of our state - to keep our reproductive rights, to fully fund public education, to continue to prioritize affordable housing, and to send a loud message to the candidates that don't fight for us. Young Kansans WILL seal the fate of this election if they vote this fall.

Encourage your friends and followers to vote easily by requesting an advance ballot to vote by mail before Election Day. Use some or all of the following key points AND provide the link!

1. ANYONE who will be 18 by Election Day (Nov. 8th) can request an Advance Ballot and vote by mail. It's safe and convenient.
2. Make sure you're first registered to vote at your current address, which you can do at the ksvotes.org link (use link provided in bio). The deadline to register to vote or to update your voter registration is October 18th!
3. Then, fill out the Advance Voting Application at the same link to receive your ballot in the mail.
4. Voters start receiving their ballots starting 20 days before Election Day. Just make sure it gets mailed back to the Election Office and arrives by 7 p.m. on November 8th.

In this election, let's demand to be heard and surprise those that don't want us at the ballot box.