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Victory Square Technologies Retail value: $200 USD

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You will receive $200 CAD compensation for your Content Creation for Victory Square Technologies.


Victory Square Technologies is a publicly-traded accelerator company based out of Vancouver, Canada that incubates and invests in promising startups and entrepreneurs.

Launching his first company, iFlurtz, out of his dorm room at the age of 19, Victory Square CEO Shafin Diamond Tejani has gone on to launch over 40 startups in 21 different countries, employed over 350 people and generated over $1 billion in enterprise value. Outside of his entrepreneurial work, Shafin has become one of Canada’s leading advocates of venture philanthropy, with a focus on ensuring that more children and youth reach their full potential.

Shafin has received numerous awards, including Inc.’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies, the Prime Minister's Volunteer Award, EY’s Technology Entrepreneur of the Year, and Canadian Angel Investor of the Year. In addition, Shafin has made many contributions with his articles being featured in top-tier publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur.

The company's sweet spot is the cutting-edge tech that is shaping the fourth industrial revolution. The company's portfolio consists of 20+ global companies using artificial intelligence, virtual reality/augmented reality and blockchain to disrupt sectors as diverse as financial technology, insurance, health, and gaming.

It is truly a chance for investors and people to be a part of a company and ultimately be involved in every sector through our portfolio companies or how we like to put it "you get 23 chances to hit a home run with VST." The future of VST is truly limitless and very promising with this bullish stock.

Brand story

Victory Square builds, acquires and invests in promising start-ups, then provides the senior leadership and resources needed to fast-track growth. The result: rapid scale-up and monetization, with a solid record of public and private exits.