Spill-Proof 360 Degree spinning Gyro Bowl

Hunny Bubba Kids Retail value: $17.99 USD

What you will receive

The creator will be shipped a Gyro Bowl for them to create content that looks and feels authentic on Instagram, emphasizing on solving the problem of their child not spilling their snacks or food with the bowl, being easy to carried everywhere with its lid.


The anti-spill gyro bowl is the perfect way to allow your child to eat their favourite snacks without making spills on the floor,couch, bed or wherever they are.
We want the creator to highlight how the bowl solves the problem of the kid spilling food as he/she eats. We want the creator to show that it can be carried everywhere and you can bring your favourite child's snacks in it as it comes with a lead and it is spill proof. We want the content to look and feel authentic and the product on action.

Brand story

We are a parent owned Canadian small business that was founded in 2020 after the birth of our first child. We sought the opportunity to provide other parents with personalized products and gifts for their little babies. We also sought the opportunity to provide other parents with functional products to help them during their upbringing of their children.