Refreshing Shower Jelly – Video Retail value: $22 USD

What you will receive

The creator will receive our Shower Jelly that that will make their bath time fun and enjoyable. We will provide them with the available scents for them to promote.


Our Shower Jellies, are basically orbs of soap that jiggle like Jell-O. They don't contain any gelatin but are made up of seaweed particles that make these soft soaps so jiggly. But the fun doesn't stop at the bathtub. You can freeze them and rub them on sore muscles, chop them up and put them in your bath for a colorful snap, or even use them to wash your hair if you want.

Brand story

SCENT BOX is an affordable and fun way for members to seek out and sample wonderful new designer fragrances each and every month. Each month members choose a 30-day supply of a new fragrance that we'll send right to their door. With over 850 original designer fragrances, members have access to a large inventory that will allow you to really expand their fragrance library.