Pokerrito E-gift card Giveaway

Pokerrito Retail value: $190 USD

What you will receive

By opting in, you agree to a 5% processing fee to be deducted from the final negotiated payment amount.

Creators will receive a 2 X $30 Pokerrito e-gift card to giveaway to their followers. They will also receive a $30 e-gift card to create content for their post. Creators will receive a $100 e-transfer payment for the giveaway post.

*British Columbia, Canada Residents Only*


Creators will get to experience Pokerrito and the fresh food we have to offer. With a diverse menu - creators will be able to make their own poke or try our signature items.

*British Columbia, Canada Residents Only*

Brand story

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia– Pokérrito was created to give you the best poke experience. Our menu is creative and diverse as beautiful B.C itself. Committed to welcoming the needs of today’s modern diners – we want to offer a range of foods with fresh ingredients as we believe food can change the way you feel. With so many fresh ingredients and the variety of signature sauces we strive to give you the freedom to customize your poke however you like because your poke is what you make it. Building up our community to be more mindful of each other and our environment is our passion. And if we can do that through good food – we are in!
We believe in serving tasty yet healthy and sustainable foods to our communities. It has always been our priority to serve food that is sourced responsibly and sustainably. Which is why our continuous goal is to keep growing our responsibility to be conscious about protecting our people and our planet. The way we prepare and source our ingredients is just as important to us as the great taste.