Join the Community Revolution with p3ople NFT

urFeed Retail value: $100 USD

What you will receive

By opting in, you agree to a 5% processing fee to be deducted from the final negotiated payment amount.

πŸš€ p3ople is a collection of unique NFT’s that will be the first community on urFeed, bringing together leaders of web3, community, music, sport and entertainment to build the future.

A p3ople NFT gives the owner a host of super powers…

- Early access to
- Access to our closed p3ople community
- Connect-2-Earn features
- Talk us ur p3ople - 3D avatar
- Governance token drops
- p3ople character IP rights
- Invites to p3ople events & pop-up clubhouses
- Exclusive p3ople merch
+ much more


This is our NFT drop, the p3ople project. The p3ople NFT is a front row seat aboard the rocket ship on a mission to be the community of communities on web3 and the on-ramp from web2 to web3 for the video first Snapchat & Tiktok generation.

πŸ’Ž The p3ople community will live on urFeed ,the first web3 video community platform built for Solana. Think Snapchat meets Discord.

With a unique Connect-2-Earn system that encourages users to build deeper connections, in a fun and creative way, while at the same time enabling them to earn a share of the value they create on the platform. We all win together!

We will give any creator that works with us a p3ople NFT. Become a founding member of this groundbreaking NFT community at the forefront of web3 innovation.

Brand story

urFeed is a web3 community platform.

We will be owed and run by the people that use the platform.

Creators are able to generate revenue from their community, while also sharing in the value that create in the platform through ownership.