Oops Recruitment (Instagram)

Oops Returns Retail value: $15 USD

What you will receive

By opting in, you agree to a 5% processing fee to be deducted from the final negotiated payment amount.

Oops is a new service launching in Salt Lake City. They allow you to return packages from your doorstep using a user-friendly app. You will get a free month of their service so you can authentically post about it.

Deliverable: 1 Post/Reel + Story


We want to have fun with this campaign! There are 2 themes to choose from.

1. This or That: Order 2 items and have your audience vote on the one you keep and you'll send the other one back using Oops.

2. Life Hacks: Create posts about your favourite life hacks and feature Oops as a new life hack.

Your followers are going to love this service because there are so many of us that have a pile of Amazon packages in our homes that we've not had time to return...