Natural Hair & Scalp Booster

CRIA Hair and Scalp Booster Retail value: $63 USD

What you will receive

The creator will receive our hair care system--CRIA Hair and Scalp Booster (4 ounces) and CRIAPure Shampoo & Conditioner (8 ounces)


CRIA products are powered by only 4 organic ingredients to give you healthier, stronger hair that lasts without any side effects. CRIA is vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.

With CRIA, we're shifting the current hair care paradigm that is premised on shame--shaming people into doing their body wrong by using products (like Minoxidil) that are bad for the body, enervating it without giving you the hair you need or want. Our stand-point is empathy.

We offer you meaningful, minimalist hair care that is scientifically crafted for maximum body-affirming effects. And with the addition of our new CRIAPure Shampoo and Conditioner line, we've created a powerfully, unique, and organic system for hair care that is so good for your body!

And did we share how our founder discovered the formula in our scientist father's diary upon his passing? Do read our powerful story at And if all this resonates, echoes deep in you, we'd love a conversation and how to collaborate in bringing the gift of CRIA to people who really, really need it, especially in our pandemic-struck world.

Brand story

I'm an anthropologist by training. And about 5 years ago, I was doing a diary project, where I was looking at men’s diaries, specifically my father’s, to better understand how men construct their public selves through a private document. In a diary from 2005, I chanced upon an odd jumble of numbers, scribbled diagonally across the top of a page. It made no sense to me, so I asked my mother about it. And she immediately exclaimed, “There it is!” Sure enough, it turned out to be the formula for what is now CRIA! CRIA is powered by only 4 organic ingredients that align with and empower the body to give you healthier, stronger hair that lasts without any side-effects. CRIA is vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, chemicals free.