MGP Caliper Covers – Instagram PAID

MGP CALIPER COVERS Retail value: $270 USD

What you will receive

You'll be receiving a custom product worth up to $270
+ a unique discount code to share with your followers which gives them 20% Discount
+ $50-$500 after you post
+ 5% commission on each sale


Our product simply enhances the vehicle behind the wheels so you don't have to spend 4-5K on luxury brakes.

We are trying to showcase an elevated experience around our product since it gives the vehicle an elevated look.

These are Hand Crafted...Made in America Custom Brake Calipers Covers for vehicles 1999 & Later.

You Can Pick Any Color and Engraved Logo Design to Put on Them!

We also have Licensing Agreements with GM, Ford, Mopar (Dodge/RAM/Jeep/Chrysler) & Honda/Acura.

Made with Aero-Space Grade Aluminum & Stainless Steel Clips.