Stay Always Better Connected 🌐📱

What you will receive

You will receive:
1. One of our popular SIM-free and Roaming free Mobile WiFi Hotspots (Numen Air, DuoTurbo or Triforce).
2. Mobile data plan that works in more than 140 countries and regions in the world

The model and data packages sent will depend on your needs and deliveries. We'll discuss further details once you opt-in :)


Join GlocalMe in introducing the brand's new line of portable WiFi hotspots. Kiss goodbye to that "no bars" feeling as our devices will provide you with a reliable, fast internet connection wherever you are.

GlocalMe hotspots offer SIM cards, prepayment, contracts, and roaming free CloudSIM internet access. It can access multiple operators’ networks and maintain a connection to the best networks. Ideal for all uploading and downloading needs, designed to help you overcome unpredictable ups and downs in work and play, our devices are reliable tools to keep you stabilized to continue forward.

No matter where you are or what you need internet for, we got your back. Stay Always Better Connected with GlocalMe.

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*For any collaborations with GlocalMe, activated influencers must sign an agreement that specifies the sponsorship and expected deliverables. More details will be provided once you opt-in.

Brand story

GlocalMe is a mobile data connection solution brand under Nasdaq listed technology company uCloudlink (NASDAQ: UCL) , helping users across the world to access mobile internet data more efficiently with a range of our own hard ware and software products. We strive for enabling best user experience on various increased intensity online services requiring stable and high speed data connection. Our innovative technology will allow domestic users and international visitors free from shopping for local SIM cards or high expenses of roaming data in over 140 countries in the world.

We achieve our promise through our patented Cloud SIM technology which allows users to dynamically choose the best network coverage, user experience with best cost effectiveness among all available mobile operators, taking into consideration current location.

Always better connected is what we strive to help our users, as we firmly believe when everyone is seamlessly connected, we will benefit from the better understanding and bonding with each other.