Eyeliner + Eraser That Can Correct Any Makeup Mistake

What you will receive

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✨2-in-1 Liquid Eyeliner + Makeup Remover pen
✨ Eyeliner 0.4ml / 0.013 fl. oz. Remover 0.4ml / 0.013 fl. oz. Made in Japan
✨Super black waterproof liquid eyeliner on one end, makeup eraser pen on the other! Vegan and cruelty-free.
*Liquid Eyeliner: super-pigmented eyeliner glides effortlessly with precision and consistency.
*Remover Pen: non-irritating makeup cleansing formula with a chiseled tip erases even the tiniest mistakes or excess makeup with ease. No more Q-Tips!


Meloway is obsessed with all things beauty and inspired to bring a fresh perspective to an industry ready for a shake-up. Meloway was launched in 2020 with the idea that beauty should be accessible, easy, extraordinary, and of all things, hella FUN!

WE’RE OBSESSED WITH REVOLUTIONARY IDEAS: That’s why we’ve developed innovative formulas and novel applicators that do what we say they will. Clean. Bold. And straight to the point.

COMPROMISE ISN’T OUR THING: We think of Meloway as the intersection of skincare and makeup. Our products are top-notch in formulation, performance, ethically sourced, and cruelty-free.

INCLUSIVITY MEANS EVERYONE: “Living your best life is all about self-expression”. That’s our mantra. And as a brand founded by two beauty-obsessed brothers, we see beauty as a way to show the world who we are. Beauty should be and IS for everyone.