Eyelash Serum

KYLIELASH Retail value: $70 USD

What you will receive

Influencer will receive a special VIP Ambassador package with one bottle of KYLIELASH.


Kylielash is a powerful serum with which, after 3 weeks applying it daily, you will notice how your eyelashes grow and size and volume in a totally effective way, it really works! And a lot!!

That is why we look for profiles that generate unique and special content. The brand has developed the #Kylielashchallenge, in which it wants its ambassadors to show the world the real result that Kylielash does on the eyelashes. To do this, it will collaborate with hundreds of influencers around the world and monitor the results of these campaigns through measurement tools. Those influencers who generate higher quality content, and more effective, will be selected in the future to work in a paid way for the brand in a continuous relationship over time.

In a few days we will send you a VIP #Kylielash ambassador package so that you can put at least one post and a story about unboxing the product, we would also like you to be able to join the #kylielashchallenge and show your audience the result of your eyelashes in a honest and objective review.

What we ask you to put in the content:

- Unbox the product
- Explain how Kylielash works to your audience
- That you offer your audience a 25% discount with the code that we will give you so that they can make the purchase on Amazon
- That you carry out a raffle * describe the mechanism * and we will send the product directly to your winner.
-That you mention our Instagram and our website as well as a link to the product in amazon so that they can purchase it.

As we have mentioned before, the brand will select those influencers who offer an honest review showing the best results as paid brand ambassadors who promote the benefits of the product around the world. We look forward to your being part of it

Brand story

KYLIELASH EYELASH SERUM - Promotes Maximum Stregnth - Longer and Thicker Natural Eyelashes. Silicon and Paraben Free - Vegan - Cruelty Free.