Envion: Therapure TPP440 Air Purifier

Amazzia Retail value: $179.99 USD

What you will receive

The Envion TPP440 Air Purifier which provides maximum protection against harmful indoor contaminants.

Built-in handle makes it easy to move the unit to any room.
Night mode, 3 fan speeds, 24-hour digital timer, UV-C light technology, Cleanable HEPA-Type filter, Photo catalyst filter and a Filter clean indicator light.
No filter to replace, easily remove the cleanable HEPA-Type filter and vacuum to clean.
Cleanable HEPA-Type filter removes PM 2.5 particles, pollutants, dust, smoke, and allergens.
Digital control panel with timer function
Integrated ionizer


The Therapure line of air purifiers is the only line with Triple Action Purification: (1) a uniquely engineered cleanable HEPA-Type filter helps remove particles from the air, (2) and in combination with a UV light helps reduce certain viruses and bacteria*, and (3) a photocatalyst filter helps reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are found in paint and carpet fumes. Therapure air purifiers help remove allergens and pollutants including pollen, cigarette smoke, odors, pet hair, and dander for more comfortable and healthy living.