DLMD C&C Vitamin C Launch

The DLMD Retail value: $37 USD

What you will receive

Double the Vitamin C for all the immune and skin support health benefits!

Creators will receive a powder with both L-Ascorbic Acid and whole food derived Vitamin C. Each packet is 1 serving of 1500MG of Vitamin C and each carton includes 30 packets of C&C for a full month's supply.


Dr. L introduces a double dose of Vitamin C: L-Ascorbic Acid and whole food derived Vitamin C for your balanced daily serving of Vitamin C in 1 sachet. Achieve daily immunity support and concentrated antioxidants with a powder that is made with real acerola cherries and blueberries.

C&C is amazing because...
* double the health benefits: health support from 2 types of vitamin C
* double the awards: inspired by the research of 2 Nobel Prize research winners
* double the power: acerola cherries have 50-100X more ascorbic acid than oranges
* double the results: this powerhouse antioxidant packet helps with colds and collagen
* (goodbye sniffles, hello smooth skin!)

Brand story

DL.MD is a radical departure from the status quo and dedicated to bringing you wellness solutions for optimal health. Developed by Dr. Lamees Hamdan, a medical doctor with a lifelong passion for healing the body from within and nutrition for optimal health. She is passionate about finding natural solutions and has been creating organic products since 2004.