Dedicated Server Hosting

ServerPronto Retail value: $159.95 USD

What you will receive

You will receive a free month of dedicated server access from ServerPronto.

You will also receive a negotiated payment based on your partnership rates.


While AWS and cloud hosting solutions continue to grow in popularity, many experienced IT leaders understand that dedicated servers continue to be the economical choice for providing an exclusive set of resources solely devoted to your IT needs. With our bare metal servers, you will benefit from increased performance, greater security, and exclusive use of the server's system and network resources. Our dedicated servers are ideal for any of your services that require high traffic, high security, or complex configurations (i.e. e-commerce, dynamic content, database applications, and multimedia apps) are better suited for a dedicated server.

Brand story

We've been a leader in dedicated server hosting for over 15 years. Our experience and expertise supports thousands of dedicated server customers in 99+ countries. When you need Superior Support© at a price that makes sense, trust ServerPronto.