Creator Passport NFT Ambassador Retail value: $1995 USD

What you will receive

By opting in, you agree to a 5% processing fee to be deducted from the final negotiated payment amount.

Ambassador's will be gifted an NFT upon launch, valued at $1,995 USD


The Creator Passport NFT is built with real utility for Creators looking to grow, monetize and make the world a better place! Learn more about what being a Creator Passport NFT holder means for you.

We are hand selecting Creators to join us on our one-of-a-kind NFT drop, if successful you will be joining some fantastic names in the industry to become a trusted face in the world's largest Creator community, working with us to build and influence the benefits our NFT will hold for Creators.

As NFTs are still new to most people, we are hosting a private webinar with the CEO to discuss the ins and outs of this unique collaboration.

If you would like to be considered for the Creator Passport NFT partnership please register and attend one of the following sessions to speak directly with Vinod, CEO:

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NFTs are on the rise and have the capability to give power back to Creators. The Creator Passport NFT is the only NFT built specifically for content Creators, packed full of utilities & benefits to help Creators grow, monetize and protect their work!