Clear Probiotics | Gut and Immunity + Brain and Mood Probiotics

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What you will receive

You will receive a Clear Probiotics discount code and a 1-month supply of our Clear Gut & Immunity and Clear Brain & Mood probiotic blends to sample and promote to your Instagram followers - free of charge.

Both probiotic blends work together to balance bodily bacteria, boost immunity levels, and enhance mental clarity and brain function.


Our Mission:
At Clear Probiotics, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to feel better, look better, and strive for their best self.

Driven by the belief that a better you starts from within, we’re on a radical mission to provide high-quality probiotic solutions for all ailments. Our products take the latest scientific innovations and combine them to help boost the body’s ability to regulate its biological processes – producing benefits users can see and feel.

Our Partnership with You:
We are searching for brand ambassadors who want to make a difference by helping their followers achieve and surpass their health goals. Our ideal Ambassadors are wellness-focused individuals and industry professionals who actively encourage others to live healthier, happier lives by keeping their bodies strong and working well.

Selected ambassadors will educate their followers on the many benefits of using our probiotics while positioning our brand as the top choice for premium gut-health products for the entire family. Your followers will love our vast selection of gut-friendly formulas that can be mixed, matched, and used in tandem.

You will receive our Clear Gut & Immunity and Clear Brain & Mood probiotic blends to test and review. When creating your content, we want you to remain truthful to your brand and encourage you to feature our products in the most authentic way possible. You know what excites your followers and we trust that after using the supplements you receive, you’ll be able to speak to their uses, benefits, and superiority; genuinely.

Our Products:
We’re on a mission to balance the gut and enhance mental clarity with probiotics that exceed expectations. Benefits for each product you’ll be promoting are listed below – please keep them in mind when creating your content and captions:

Clear Gut & Immunity Probiotic Blend:
• Boosts immune function
• Supports gut health
• Promotes good digestion
• Eases bowel irritation
• Boosts moods, energy, and whole-body wellness
• Powerful 20B CFU Probiotic Blend
• With Reishi & Slippery Elm Bark
• Delayed-release acid-resistant veggie capsule for optimal delivery
• Shelf stable for 2 years - no refrigeration needed
• Tested for purity, potency, and safety
• No artificial flavors, fillers, or colors
• Proudly Made in the USA

Clear Brain & Mood Probiotic Blend:
• Supports Your Healthy Gut-Brain Axis
• Boosts clarity and focus
• Reduces brain fog
• Helps improve mood
• Supports great gut health
• Powerful 20B CFU probiotic blend for long-term brain health
• With Lion’s Mane mushroom & Gingko Biloba for faster results
• Delayed-release acid-resistant veggie capsule for optimal delivery
• Proudly made in the USA

Buzz phrases to consider:
• “Get healthy from the gut out”
• “Gut health for the entire family”
• “Boost your anti-aging routine by starting with your gut”
• “The key to a healthy gut is sustained probiotic use”
• “Replace the good bacteria the average American diet compromises”

Brand story

Simply Nutrition is a wellness retailer committed to serving natural products to people who lead naturally balanced lifestyles. We carry natural products of all types: vitamins, supplements, CBD products, workout products, beauty and bath products, and so much more. We manage various brands. Think of us as an agency representing multiple brands.