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Your followers will be pumped to be in the know about this exciting product that is the first of its kind on the market! An alternative to dry shampoo that cleans and refreshes post-workout hair, it's the product that they have always needed. We want YOU to love our product as well, that way you will be excited to share it with your followers. We are here standing by with all the education and info that you need to get the best results from our product and give the best info to your followers so they will love the product and keep coming back for more. We offer a discount code and sticky cookies so you will continue to get credit for 90 days from the start of the campaign.

Brand story

WHO: Joanne, fitness enthusiast, scheduled an appointment to get her hair done with stylist Briana at Striiike Studio in Beverly Hills, as her dry and damaged hair needed some serious work. WHY: They immediately hit it off and after an in-depth conversation about why Joanne was tying up her bleached hair and washing it every single day these Co-Founders got the idea to create a product that wasn’t as harmful as daily shampooing and didn't build up like a dry shampoo. WHAT: They wanted to create something that would allow active people to comfortably skip a day (or 2-3) of hair washing in the most effective way possible. With this, No-Rinse Hair Wash was born, a dry-shampoo alternative that actually HELPS hair while neutralizing odors, leaving hair as clean as it was when you entered the gym.