Calling All Dog Owners

SCOTTeVEST Retail value: $250 USD

What you will receive

We are offering dog owners a $200 gift certificate to select a product(s) of their choice on our website along with $50 compensation for this campaign!


We are SCOTTeVEST – Innovative clothing that will change your life & make adventures with your dogs so much more enjoyable. Imagine a stylish, multi-pocket garment with tons of useful features that lets you comfortably carry all your essentials and keeps your gear organized and within reach.

Brand story

We started SCOTTeVEST April 2000, because we couldn’t find clothing with pockets designed to carry everything we needed. We started with a vest because it could be thrown over pretty much anything and worn both indoors and outdoors. It seemed like such an easy thing. But when you want to revolutionize the clothing industry, you can’t just slap some extra fabric on a vest and call it a day. You may think, “It’s just pockets. It’s hardly rocket science.” But you would be wrong! When you’re adding as many as 42 pockets to a piece of clothing, each with a specific purpose, there is a laundry list of considerations and challenges. What will be going in these pockets? How heavy will it be? Should the pockets be hidden? Should we add a zipper? Velcro®? Magnets? So, while it might not be rocket science, it is definitely Pocket Science! Our eVESTs® are amazing and have made us world famous, but we knew we could do more. Why not revolutionize EVERY type of clothing? So, we did! From jackets and hoodies, to shirts, pants, dresses, boxer shorts and more, we have something to fit every moment of your life. Masterfully designed with the on-the-go lifestyle in mind, we create garments that can be worn from the airport to the office to a night on the town and effortlessly transition from cool mornings to warm afternoons. Whether you’re planning a trip around the world or a trip to the grocery store, carrying gadgets galore or just your everyday essentials, our pockets will keep you organized and prepared. We even have a team of Pocket Scientists dedicated to helping you find the perfect garment to suit your needs and make sure you get the right fit. Wear it once and you’ll understand all the detail that goes into creating fully-functional fashion designed for your life. We guarantee it! Who says you can’t have it all?