Boneco: 2-in-1 Air Washer (Humidifier & Purifier)

Amazzia Retail value: $269.99 USD

What you will receive

Dual function Air Washer that uses water to both humidify and wash the air. Air Washers can be used all year round and are especially suited for allergy sufferers, due to their natural cleaning principle, without the need for additives.
There is an integrated fragrance container for essential oils for additional well-being. Fill your office, living room, or bedside with your favorite scent combo to help with the comfort and enrichment of your space.


The simplicity of operation and maintenance are what define the W200 air washer. For cleaning, the water base and the evaporation elements can simply be placed in the dishwasher or washing machine. It is also possible to add scented oils, for those looking for a scented room.
The water acts as a natural filter, which washes the air of impurities (e.g. dust, pollen, and particle-bound odors). The self-regulating evaporation principle ensures the correct humidity in the room, as the air automatically draws as much moisture as it needs at any given moment.