Anti Hangover Supplement (US)

Hangly Retail value: $40 USD

What you will receive

Feel refreshed after drinking.

Hangly is A 100% Natural, Liver Defence+Detox Supplement. 100% legally compliant and certified by global standards. Quality and ingredient purity is assured in every capsule.

The creator will receive 1 Box of Hangly for 1 month supply = 10-20 nights out (depending on dosage).


Hangly exists to inspire confidence from the inside out. We build solutions for everyday concerns and make taking control of your health simple.

The deliverables: 1 post consist of 1 picture and 1 video.

Brand story

At Hangly, we believe that taking control of your health shouldn't mean sacrificing the things you love doing. Life is short and meant to be lived to its fullest, but we can’t maximise life’s moments if we’re not feeling the best version of ourselves.

We’re committed to making sure you can enjoy a night out drinking without compromising your performance the next day, whether “tomorrow” means in the boardroom, at the gym or simply spending time with your friends & family.

Hangly brings you a 100% natural supplement alcohol defence + liver detox supplement, specially formulated to help you with your post drinking recovery. It was formulated by scientists & nutritional experts to ensure you can get the best possible drinking recovery, every single day.

Cheers to a productive tomorrow!